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Rhinoplasty: What Causes a Bulbous Tip to Form?

The nose sits right in the center of the face, making it one of the most noticeable facial features. Because of its prominence, many people will scrutinize the shape, size, and details of their nose. One of the more common issues people have with their nose is the appearance of a bulbous tip. A bulbous […]

Have Your Cheeks Lost Their Fullness?

Have your cheeks lost their full and attractive appearance? As we age, we slowly lose small amounts of volume in our faces. This can cause the cheeks to take on a sunken and unattractive look. There is an easy and effective way to restore the youthful and attractive appearance of your cheeks without surgery. Dermal […]

How We Conceal Post-Surgical Marks After Upper-Eyelid Surgery

The goal of upper-eyelid surgery is to rejuvenate the appearance of the eyelids by removing excess skin, trimming and tightening weakened eyelid muscles, and tightening the remaining eyelid skin to create a youthful appearance. Because the procedure requires the use of incisions, a large amount of people are apprehensive about undergoing upper-eyelid surgery out of […]


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