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Forehead Lift/Foreheadplasty

A forehead lift in Baton Rouge is often performed to treat conditions associated with upper facial and orbital aging. Also known as foreheadplasty or the brow lift, this procedure may be done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty or a facelift to achieve a more harmonious facial appearance.

Is a Forehead Lift the Right Procedure for You?

A forehead lift can raise sagging eyebrows and reduce forehead wrinkles. Younger adults who have a low brow or who already have deep frown lines due to stress or over-activity of muscles may benefit from the forehead lift procedure.

If you are confused as to whether a forehead lift would be the right procedure for you, here are some common reasons why patients come in for this procedure:

  • Sagging eyebrows that lack definition
  • Harsh forehead wrinkles that create an aged appearance
  • A constant look of frustration or fatigue

If any of these reasons apply to you, then a forehead lift may be an ideal solution.

To ensure that your expectations for this procedure’s results are realistic, it is best to look at our forehead lift before and after photos.

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Your Forehead Lift Consultation

You will discuss your treatment plan with your surgeon during a forehead lift consultation. This will involve an evaluation of your forehead and brows in order to ensure that the procedure is right for you.

After this, your medical history will be discussed, including any prior procedures in the forehead area and any medications you are currently taking. Your surgeon will walk you through the details of the procedure, including recovery and preparation.


How Does the Forehead Lift Work?

First, either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia is administered. Your surgeon will then make an incision behind the natural hairline stretching from one ear to the other.

The skin is lifted, and the skin and underlying muscles are then adjusted as needed for a flat appearance. This raises the eyebrows and smooths away wrinkles. The incisions are then sutured closed.

Lately, many doctors are opting for the endoscopic brow lift technique instead of the traditional technique. This method is not as invasive, making it a popular option among many patients. With this technique, post-surgical marks are minimized and recovery time is shortened.

In this procedure, the surgeon will make three to five tiny incisions behind the hairline and insert an endoscope into one of these to view the underlying tissues. An external monitor projects these images. The tissues are then adjusted as needed.

What is the Cost of a Forehead Lift?

Pricing for a Forehead Lift includes doctor fees, hospital fees, and anesthesia.
• Forehead Lift: $3265-$4350
*Prices may vary based on the specific needs of the patient and scope of the procedure

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Recovery After a Foreheadplasty

The recovery time after brow lift surgery depends on the different techniques carried out, as well as the extent of corrections required. It will be vital to follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions carefully in order to get the best results possible.

Bruising and swelling will be present for a time, but it will only be temporary. Keep your head elevated during your healing process to keep the swelling down. Swelling can also be treated with the help of cold compresses.

Stitches will be removed during a follow-up appointment. At this time, your surgeon will ensure that healing is going as expected and without complications.

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Over the years, forehead lift/foreheadplasty procedures have evolved from open techniques to more complex short incision and endoscopic techniques. If you are looking to change the appearance of your forehead and eyebrows, contact us to consult with your Associates in Plastic Surgery surgeon and determine which type of forehead lift in Baton Rouge may be best for you.



“My entire experience has been life changing and amazing. Dr. Dean does amazing work and I couldn’t be more happy with my results! The office staff have been wonderful. The office visits are always on time and everyone is so friendly! I highly recommend him!”
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