Meet Our Plastic Surgery Staff

Our friendly, experienced staff is here to help you in any way possible each time you visit Associates in Plastic Surgery.

Our physician has dedicated office staff to assist in your care. Whether you are here for a consult visit or a surgical procedure, our nurses and staff want to provide you with excellent care as well as any information you may need before or after surgery. We also provide you with surgery coordinators who can assist you with financial arrangements, insurance approvals, choosing your surgery date or taking care of any special needs you may have. Our business office staff will be glad to prepare your insurance claims for you and make sure they are processed promptly. They are also focused on ensuring accurate billing and proper handling of your account. Should you have any questions or concerns during a visit to our office, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance – we are here to help you!

Office and Surgery

Office Coordinators

When scheduling appointments or visiting our office, you are greeted by experienced staff members eager to be of assistance. Our surgery coordinators are available to assist you with financial arrangements, insurance approvals, selecting a date for your surgery, and handling any special needs.


Office Nurses

Our physician has the office nurse prepared to make your consult visit an enjoyable visit and to ensure your clinical and informational needs are met throughout your surgical experience.

Surgery Office Staff

Surgery Office Staff

Our business office staff strives for prompt and accurate billing and rapid processing of insurance claims which we prepare for you. Our management goals focus on providing top quality care while effectively controlling costs in order to provide our patients with competitive prices.

OR Staff

APS OR Staff

Our operating rooms are fully equipped with the latest in technology, monitoring devices and surgical equipment to ensure safety and proper medical protocol.

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